my husband and i recently traveled together to paris. while it wasn't my first visit, it was his, which signified a special time to experience things together. one place that was top on our list was versailles. i'd never been, so i was excited to see the chateau with him! although i'm not as big of a history buff as he is, i was pretty much blown away by its beauty and grandeur. i was so inspired by the moody, foggy weather, the rich colors tucked inside the chateau, the textures, the intricacy of every detail, the patterns. i can't get it out of my mind!

most of these photos were taken the day we visited versailles but there are a few from notre dame sprinkled in there. to see more photos of paris, visit my post from last year and stay tuned for more soon on paris fashion inspo and favorite dining spots. x


this trip. x